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Armin Risi (born 1962), Swiss philosopher, poet, and author of non-fiction books.

1974–81: high school (with Latin) in Lucerne, Switzerland

1978–80: first collection of poems and stage plays. At the age of 18 he was one of the leading junior chess players of Switzerland

1980/81: several journeys and retreats into nature; quitting school right before the final exams (“as a sign of protest against the course of modern civilization”)

1981–1998: life as a monk, for 18 years, in Vedic monasteries in Europe and India; studies of Sanskrit scriptures and of Eastern and Western philosophies; participation in the translation of 22 volumes of Sanskrit literature (from English to German).

1988: first own publication (Vegetarisch leben)

1992: two volumes of poetry (see list of publications)

Since October 1998: freelance author, lecturer and spiritual counsellor.

2005 Research trip to Giza with access to forbidden subterranean sites (Osiris crypt in Giza, megalith crypt in Saqqara)

2006: Foundation of the internet platform “Research Institute for the Science of Involution” (

Since 2007: Dharma counseling on the basis of palm analysis (

2009: Foundation of the internet platform

2011: becomes a Global Advisor of Council of World Elders; Lecturer at the first world congress of this council

Ongoing: further studies of, and pioneering research in philosophy and religious traditions, holistic science, Egyptian mysteries, pyramids and the legacy of ancient (“lost”) civilizations.