Spiritual Backgrounds of Our Lives

Exploring the ways to a new consciousness

  • We humans in the multidimensional cosmos
  • Philosophies and ideologies: how to distinguish without judging
  • Involution: The spiritual origins of life
  • Religion, magic and manipulation
  • Science of life beyond Darwinism and Creationism
  • Ancient prophecies and the present world situation
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TranscEnding the Global Power Game
Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth

A revolutionary book written on the basis of the ancient and timeless knowing that we live in a multi-dimensional cosmos. Whatever happens on the visible plane has its roots in invisible dimensions. 

This is the essence of all spiritual teachings and mystery schools, and it is the key to understanding what actually happens on the stage of the global power game.

The author, Armin Risi (born 1962), is one of  Europe’s most prolific writers and researchers in the esoteric and spiritual field, mainly regarding the alternative, “real” history of mankind.  He lived as a monk in Vedic monasteries in Europe and India for 18 years and is both a philosopher and a mystic. more