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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter One

The Mystery of Oneness and Duality

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
The basic teaching of all ancient and present mystery schools can be summarized in one single phrase: Reality is not limited to physical matter. There are dimensions beyond the workings of physics and chemistry. The visible world is only the external appearance of an invisible background consisting of non-physical energies and entities, ‘in visible’ and ‘non-physical’ being terms relative to the limitations of the terrestrial point of view.

In contrast to this, modern science declares physical matter to be the only reality, stating that everything, including life and consciousness, can be explained with the known laws of physics and chemistry. Philosophically, such a world-view is called materialistic. All concepts that, in one way or another, are based on the assumption that the world along with its living beings has evolved out of matter are subsumed under the generic term ‘materialism’. Those who believe in this worldview may call themselves scientific and objective, but they cannot hide the fact that they also believe in a credo, namely: ‘In the beginning there was matter; therefore, everything consists of matter, and there is nothing beyond matter. Organic life was a late by-product of inorganic matter, and consciousness only arose when the humanoid animal developed a larger brain.’

Is reality really only material? Is our existence nothing more than the interplay of physical and chemical reactions? Is life a by-product of matter? The holistic world-view says no. Even more so, it says that physical matter has no true reality in itself. It is only the external, gross manifestation of material energy. In its internal structure, matter is nothing but vibration. But the vibration of what? Of energy. Then, the crucial question is: What is energy? The answer given by the mystery schools is a kind of world formula, and it will be elaborated in this book. Basically, matter exists in many dimensions (= levels of condensation). As matter is multidimensional, the material cosmos is multidimensional, too, including higher, ‘invisible’ worlds – invisible only to earthly humans, at least to most of them.

The term ‘higher dimensions’, or higher-dimensional levels, refers to the entire spectrum of parallel worlds, ranging from lower, earthbound astral realms and dark worlds up to the highest worlds of light. They can also be called ‘extraterrestrial’ as they all exist beyond the common terrestrial bounds. They are not physically perceivable, only metaphysically, because matter in these cosmic dimensions is not as condensed (‘gross’) as here on earth. There, it manifests in other space-time frequencies and, consequently, follows other physical laws than those valid in the gross-material world perceived by earthly humans; it vibrates at a different wavelength, so to speak.

The higher dimensions (‘cosmic frequencies’) can be compared to the many radio and television broadcasts that are simultaneously transmitted on parallel frequencies. Although being contained within the same ‘ether’, they all represent a world, or programme, of their own. There is no overlapping or mixing because all of them occupy different ranges of frequencies. Each channel we choose connects us to an already ongoing programme.

In other words, planet earth – seen from a multidimensional perspective – is not an isolated sphere placed in a void universe, but a field of cosmic interaction. Here, an intricate power game has been going on for quite some time. The only things visible are the happenings on the terrestrial chess board. The pieces seem to move by themselves, without any remote players. As in chess, even the kings and queens are only pieces in the game, what to speak of the ‘pawns’ and ‘knights’, be they black or white. The global (and cosmic) players themselves work on levels beyond the board, unknown to the ‘chessmen’. And this one game is not the only one. Beyond the visible black-and-white boards there are higher levels of schemes and teams that remain unknown or inaccessible to those below.

Being on a higher level does not necessarily mean having reached a higher state of consciousness. Within the worlds of relativity, the duality of ‘light’ and ‘shadow’ does not originate on earth. The unity of divine harmony is already split in the higher-dimensional worlds, starting in the archaic dimensions of the ‘archangels’. Many of the invisible beings are certainly angelic, but not all.

Materialistically minded people, who only believe what they see, may well doubt the existence of invisible dimensions. What cannot be denied, however, are the visible symptoms. The logic expressed in the saying, ‘Where there is smoke, there is fire’, allows us to infer the causes from the symptoms, for nothing happens without a cause. …

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 25