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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter Five

Sacred Knowledge and Secret Societies:
A Long History of Devotion and Deviation

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
In the past, the earth was sporadically struck by mega-catastrophes: the impact of a comet or asteroid, a pole shift, a sudden vertical jolting of the continental plates, the explosion of a caldera (magma chamber) or factors inconceivable to modern man, such as magnetospheric fluctuations and dimensional quantum leaps of the planet.

Through their global effect, these earth changes initiated new phases of geological and ‘pre-historical’ developments. If mythical civilizations, like Lemuria, Hyperborea, Kásskara, Bharata, E.din, Antarctica or Atlantis, did exist, they obviously did not survive, and those individuals who survived were reduced to a ‘primitive’ existence close to nature, thus receiving the challenge of a new beginning.

World-wide geological upheavals and coinciding transformations usually efface almost all vestiges of former civilizations. Therefore, the later generations of renascent mankind are left with only vague ideas of their own origins. In extreme cases they even imagine themselves to be the crown of evolution, thinking that the ‘naked ape’ had never been as advanced as the species that calls itself homo sapiens.

However, there are always traces that allow those with ‘eyes to see’ to recognize that mankind’s prehistory is not a story of primitive humans, products of an alleged animal evolution, but a cosmic life-history of ‘humanoids’ who descended from non-material origins. If we do not exclude such a non-materialistic perspective, we can begin to fathom new interpretations of the ancient cultures’ legends and physical remnants that survived the ages. We will no longer be limited to ‘logical’ school history, but access a mytho-logical view of mankind’s remote past that includes civilizations appearing and disappearing within the multidimensional space-time cycles pertinent to planet earth.

The concept of cyclic ages is nothing new. In the ancient Sanskrit language, for example, it is known as the yugas, the ‘world ages’ that follow each other in a non-linear, spiral development characterized by evolutionary changes according to planetary, solar and galactic cycles. Embedded in this course of cosmic history, the earth passes through a multidimensional spiral of space and time, changing its physical appearance and, at certain points, even its physical density.

In other words, not only the earth’s geology, flora and fauna are changing but also the workings of the physical laws. This scenario postulates that in the past, the physical laws had different effects on earth than today; in other words, gravity and density were different in these earlier cycles. There were other continents and other civilizations, there was another atmosphere and another (or an additional) kind of human being with a physical body of a lesser density. In terms of biophysics, this category of organic matter had another atomic frequency and, subsequently, another nuclear balance. Indeed, modern quantum physicists wonder why the atoms are the way they are. There are innumerable other possibilities of orbital units and quantum potentials implying innumerable possibilities of other dimensional existences. Terms like ‘hyperspace’ and ‘parallel worlds’ point in this direction.

Thus, at least theoretically, avant-garde science is giving some plausibility to science fiction – and to mythology. Regarding multidimensional realities and parallel worlds, ancient cultures indicate that planet earth itself was a ‘parallel world’ in former ages! At another point within the spiral of time and space – what we call ‘the past’ – life on earth was extended to a broader spectrum of physical existence. Therefore, it is not possible to draw conclusions about the origin of life and human culture simply by projecting the present physical conditions into the past. We have to assume that in former ages, everything was totally different on earth, even earth itself. And, the other way round, from the perspective of these past ages, the far-distant future appeared to be a dark parallel world of grosser density and limited consciousness, as foreseen by the seers and mystics of this time. Now, their future has become our present, and for us, their world has become a non-existing, forgotten world or a ‘mythological’ world at best.

What modern science is starting to materialize in the field of ‘advanced’ technologies is nothing but an external approach to the inner secrets of life. Life, however, can never be grasped in this artificial way. The secrets of life are accessible only through sacred knowledge: knowledge that contains all aspects of life in a holistic, non-destructive manner. For example, the topics of modern physics can be accessed by sacred geometry, a timeless science that describes the inner structure of both macrocosm and microcosm, because they are all part of the same universal field. The concept of such a holistic, unified field was known to ancient cultures which had specific names for it. The Indian (Vedic) tradition, for instance, calls it ‘cosmic body’ (vishva-rupa in Sanskrit), the Hebrew tradition ‘tree of life’ (etz hayim). Everything is interconnected: the physical, the philosophical, the historical, etc.

Only now, through its pioneers in holistic science, does modern research (which has been mostly mechanistic until now) touch upon the potential of an interdisciplinary world-view. If we accept, at least theoretically, the existence of parallel worlds and other dimensions, then logic also implies the existence of other-dimensional beings and, furthermore, the perspective that we ourselves are multidimensional beings with parallel bodies influencing each other.

Men and women who are connected to higher dimensions are able to perform metaphysical acts which most of us would call ‘miracles’, like clairvoyance, telepathy, teleportation, materialization, spontaneous healing, etc. Throughout history, and up to the present time, we come across individuals capable of performing such ‘miracles’. What, then, if in the mythological past there were not only some select individuals having access to higher dimensions, but entire civilizations? What if in the future, mankind were to gain this access again?

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 159