›Leaving Neverland‹ –
Important Background Information

Facts indicating that Wade Robson and
James Safechuck are lying about Michael Jackson

by Armin Risi

Armin Risi is co-author of the book „MAKE THAT CHANGE – Michel Jackson: Message and Fate of a Spiritual Revolutionary,“ by Sophia Pade and Armin Risi (2017), updated second edition 2019 – available only in German: MAKE THAT CHANGE – Michael Jackson: Botschaft und Schicksal eines spirituellen Revolutionärs

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Short version: ›Leaving Neverland‹ – Did you really believe it?
The film ›Leaving Neverland‹ is a platform of almost four hours for two men who raise outrageous allegations against Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. For more than twenty years, both of them (Wade Robson, born 1982, and James Safechuck, born 1978) had repeatedly confirmed that Michael Jackson had never committed any sexual misconduct or abuse towards them, or to children in general. However, in 2012 and 2013, respectively, they all of a sudden started to claim that they were sexually abused, describing it in horrible details. According to their new version, they had not realized that these (alleged) activities had been abuse – not until 2012/13 when they were 29 (Robson) and 35 (Safechuck)! Now they are trying to sue the Michael Jackson Estate for about 1.5 billion dollars, hoping to obtain at least some percentage of this high-poker amount of money.

When Michael Jackson was attacked with false allegations in 1993, they both were interrogated by the Police, and since then they certainly knew about the criminal act called “child sexual abuse.“ The topic became even more obvious in 2004 due to the (false!) allegations against Michael Jackson, which led to the trial in 2005 – where Robson was the number-1 defense witness. Nevertheless, these adult men are claiming they did not realize until 2012/13 that all the hardcore stuff that they are describing now, had been abuse. This raises the suspicion that these two men are simply trying to come up with some reason to explain why they are now telling a completely different story (with claims of hundreds of millions of dollars, and many motives to lie).

No law against the defamation of the dead: In the United States, there is no law against the defamation of a deceased person. In the case of someone spreading lies about a dead person, his or her family is powerless and has no legal basis for suing the liar. In other words, whoever slanders a dead person in the USA has nothing to fear. This, too, could be a reason why Robson and Safechuck, four years after Michael Jackson’s death, all of a sudden started to tell stories of extreme perversions allegedly committed by Michael Jackson. Former accusers – who were proven to have stated false accusations – never dared to rise to this level of hard core allegations. It appears that allegations have to become more and more extreme to get the attention intended.

The sudden change of the narrative, with many contradictions – and motives to lie: Everything Wade Robson and James Safechuck said for more than twenty years was consistent and convincing, and there’s not the slightest trace of them not telling the truth. However, there is plenty of evidence indicating that they are not telling the truth now, starting from 2012/13.

Wade Robson started his public allegations against Michael Jackson in 2013. From his e-mails which he had to present to the judge, we know that in 2012 he asked many questions to his mother about his early meetings with Michael Jackson. From these e-mails we get the impression that Wade Robson had only vague (and harmless!) memories. Once he had obtained all the information remembered by his mother, he started to construct his story of alleged sexual abuse. First, he wrote two drafts for a book and tried to find a publisher, without success. Later on, he was legally obliged to submit these drafts. The two drafts contained two versions which were quite different. Apparently, Robson was not writing from his memories, rather he was attempting to construct some scenarios of sexual abuse that were as “plausible” as possible …

It is easy to suspect that Robson and Safechuck started to construct their stories in 2012 and 2013, respectively. This suspicion is confirmed by the many contradictions and errors detected in their stories. For example, Safechuck claims that the abuse also took place in the famous train-station building of Neverland. However, this building did not exist at this time! Safechuck’s story contains several blatant errors of chronology and content. The same is true for Wade Robson. For example, he now says that he was abused during his very first visit at Neverland (in 1990), claiming that he, 7 years old, stayed back at Neverland while the rest of the Robson family travelled to the Grand Canyon for five days. However, in 2005, Robson himself had stated under oath that the first time he stayed at Neverland alone, without his mother, was in 1992 or 1993. The same had been confirmed by his mother, who also stated several times that, in 1990, the entire family had journeyed to the Grand Canyon, including Wade. Despite these testimonies, Wade Robson now claims that he stayed back alone at Neverland. How credible is a person who is distorting facts in such a way?

Here, at the beginning, it can be stated in advance that many of Robson’s and Safechuck’s claims are contradictory, some can even be exposed as downright untruths. Both of them are under the suspicion of having produced one of the gravest, and most evil actions of slander in history. Therefore, all of their claims have to be investigated and cross-examined to the utmost scrutiny.

· Two main sources for this summary – and for the verification of the information given herein – are:

(The Wade Robson Allegations / A Critical Analysis of “Leaving Neverland”)

1) ›Leaving Neverland‹ is not a documentary
›Leaving Neverland‹, directed and produced by British filmmaker Dan Reed, is a co-production of Channel 4 and HBO, featuring Wade Robson (born September 17, 1982) and James Safechuck (born February 28, 1978) and their allegations that they were sexually abused as children by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. It was first shown in public at the Sundance Film Festival on January 25, 2019 and was first broadcast in the USA on HBO in two parts on March 3 and 4, 2019, followed by Channel 4 in the UK on March 6 and 7, and then taken up by more than 130 TV stations throughout the world.

The producers label ›Leaving Neverland‹ a documentary. However, it is not a documentary, it is a one-sided, non-critical presentation of extreme allegations by highly dubious people. The word “documentary” is deceiving the audience. There is nothing documented in this film. We only hear Wade Robson and James Safechuck raise their accusations against Michael Jackson, and we hear some family members whom they have told their story to (Robson’s mother, sister, brother, grandmother, and wife; Safechuck’s mother and wife). All the documents, witnesses, facts, and arguments of logic which would debunk the claims of Robson and Safechuck are ignored, or distorted. – It is not a documentary, it is a „movie“ with an extremely biased, one-sided position. In this article, we call it “the HBO film.”
2) There are only two possible truths about ›Leaving Neverland‹
There are only two possible truths about ›Leaving Neverland‹: the allegations are either true, or they are false.

If the allegations are true, it would mean that Michael Jackson was a serial child molester with a poker face and double-edged character enabling him to lie to his family, to his first and second wife, to his fans, and to the entire world, and to deceive two district attorneys, the police, the FBI, the judge and the jury in 2005, all of his body-guards, all the families who visited Neverland, and many others.

If the allegations are false, it would mean that Wade Robson and James Safechuck are lying in an unscrupulous manner in order to support their court appeals demanding about 1.5 billion dollars, and serving other purposes and interest groups as well. #fn:1 They are actors, and they still hope to get millions of dollars through their allegations. Are they copying, and indirectly mocking, all real victims of child abuse? Many say YES, and they call this so-called documentary a “mockumentary”!

Some people use an irrational argument in favour of Robson and Safechuck, saying: „I can’t imagine that these two men would lie in such an unscrupulous way.” However, everybody arguing like this is willing to believe something much more unimaginable, namely that Michael Jackson was lying unscrupulously for more than 20 years!

In the Vanity Fair interview, published on February 21, 2019, Dan Reed said about the criticism of his film being biased and one-sided: “What is the other side of the story? That Michael Jackson was a great entertainer and a great guy?” – This response was cynical and dishonest because the other side of the story would be that Robson & Safechuck are lying and that Michael Jackson (abbreviated MJ) was not the monster they are painting. Dan Reed is accusing the MJ Estate and MJ’s fans and all critics of his production of simply defending their Star and their „asset” while he himself, obviously, is defending his own “assets,” Robson & Safechuck, who provided him a sensational topic for his film, which is by far the biggest production he ever did.

A critical look at the HBO film unravels a network of inconsistencies, contradictions, errors, and lies.

It is noteworthy that the original version of the “documentary“ has been shortened by about 45 minutes in order to remove all the parts that are most easily debunked, or exposed as lies. However, these parts are recorded and well-documented, as stated by Taj Jackson, son on Tito Jackson (and, thus, nephew of Michael Jackson), in the following tweets: “[…] we have the original they foolishly released with all the blatant lies and mistakes. They will be exposed soon.”
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3) Were both of them lying for 20 years, or are they lying now?
Most notably, Wade Robson and James Safechuck started their accusations not until 2013/14 when they had drifted into financial problems, and a career crisis. Since the end of the 1980es, they and their families had been friends with Michael Jackson, profiting in many ways. When Michael Jackson was falsely accused in 1993 and 2003 – 5, they stated and maintained that there had never been any misconduct or abuse by Michael Jackson. These were statements in sharp interrogations and even under oath. Michael Jackson’s innocence was confirmed by many other witnesses, and by the court’s verdict in 2005. When Michael Jackson died (June 25, 2009), Robson and Safechuck continued to praise him, and thank him for all he had done for them and for humanity.

However, in 2013/14, Robson and Safechuck started to come up with an incredible story, which they used to sue the Michael Jackson Estate for about 1500 million dollars (1.5 billion!!) for alleged sexual abuse by Michael Jackson when they were children. At first, Robson wanted to get the money through a non-public legal procedure, which debunks his later claim that his action is not about money but for “raising awareness.” Only when the Jackson Estate denied any payment did he start his public war against Michael Jackson and the Jackson Estate, mainly through – and with the help of – the mass media.

Since 2013/4, Robson and Safechuck promote a conspiracy theory claiming that “Michael Jackson ran the most sophisticated child sex abuse operation the world has ever known”! They claim a conspiracy so „sophisticated” that no one saw any trace of it, although Michael Jackson, one of the most public figures of his time, was thoroughly investigated by the district attorney and the police in 1993, and was closely observed from 1993 onwards. Furthermore, there were three police raids in Neverland, one in 1993 (due to the debunked Chandler case) and two in 2004 due to the allegations of the Arvizo family, which were entirely refuted in the 4-month trial in 2005. Some try to present this acquittal as a case of lack of evidence, which is a misrepresentation of the facts. The trial showed that all the so-called evidence was fabricated or false. The so-called witnesses were debunked. The judge’s verdict was Michael Jackson not guilty in all 14 points of accusation.
4) Listen to their former testimonies, and look at the photos showing happy boys, free of intimidation and fear
Wade Robson (born September 17, 1982) and James Safechuck (born February 28, 1978) defended Michael Jackson for twenty years, repeatedly confirming that they never experienced any misconduct by Michael Jackson, let alone abuse. They maintained this position out of their own free will and out of their own initiative. Back in the times when they visited Michael Jackson as boys, it was obvious to all of the families visiting Neverland that everything was pure and joyful, and the photos of Michael Jackson with young Wade Robson and young James Safechuck, respectively, show happy and proud – and non-intimidated – children. 25 years later, Robson and Safechuck all of a sudden started to claim that during these happy years they were molested in a violent and perverted way, and that Michael Jackson intimidated them with threats, allegedly saying „the Police will come, and we both will end up in prison for the rest of our lives if you disclose anything.”

This (absurd) scenario will be discussed again (in chapter 8c). Here, at this point, we simply ask you to look at the photos of Michael Jackson with young Wade, young James, and other children. All of these children are happy and joyful, there is not the slightest trace of fear and intimidation, or irritation and dark secrets.
5) The most blatant errors (or lies) of James Safechuck in the HBO film
5a) The Disneyland and the New York Grammy timeline errors
James Safechuck claims in his sworn declaration that the first abuses happened on June 25 – 28, 1988 in a Paris hotel room on Jackson’s Bad Tour. Safechuck also claims that Jackson celebrated some kind of marriage ceremony during which he (MJ) gave him a ring. After that, Safechuck claims that, as part of their “honeymoon,” they visited the Disneyland Park in Paris in 1988. However, the Paris Disneyland did not exist in 1988! It was opened in 1992.

Furthermore, Safechuck claims that in February 1989 (after the Bad Tour) he accompanied Jackson to New York where Jackson performed at the Grammys. There, he claims in his declaration, “ongoing sexual abuse would occur.” However, in 1989, the Grammys took place in Los Angeles, and Michael Jackson did not perform!

(The Annual Grammy Awards were held in New York in 1988, March 2, and there, Michael Jackson did perform. However, this was months before Safechuck claims he was abused, and there, he was never alone with Michael Jackson, he always stayed with his parents, as confirmed by them and by James Safechuck himself.)

5b) The Neverland train-station timeline error
Debunking Leaving Neverland 'Lie By Lie' ~ Lie #4: “Sex at the Train Station”

Since 2014, James Safechuck claims that he was abused from 1988 until 1992. In the HBO film he says: “At the train station, there is a room upstairs, and we would have sex up there, too.” However, the train station did not exist yet! Construction started in late 1993 and was finished during 1994. In 1994, Michael was absent from Neverland. From March to December 1994, he lived in New York (in the famous “Trump Tower,” being a friend of Donald Trump), together with Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of Elvis Presley. They married privately on May 26, 1994, during a visit to the Dominican Republic. Michael Jackson stayed in New York to work on his new album HIStory. He saw the finished train-station building only upon his return to Neverland (in late 1994, or in early 1995).

When British MJ biographer Mike Smallcombe published the document showing that the construction of the Neverland train station was approved on September 2, 1993, Dan Reed did not dispute this fact but simply changed the timeline! He wrote on Twitter: “[…] No clash of dates. James was present at Neverland before and after the train station was built. In fact he took photos of the completed station which we included in the doc. And his sexual contact with Michael lasted into his teens. That’s all in the film.”

However, Dan Reed’s twist is a lie or a case of irresponsible ignorance. Smallcombe told The Mirror: “Reed has taken the astonishing step of changing Safechuck’s timeline himself, by now claiming Jackson continued to abuse him after the train station opened in 1994. In his lawsuit, Safechuck testifies that he only visited Neverland once after 1992, and that was in ‘late 1995 or early 1996’. By then, Safechuck would have been 18 years old. So by claiming Safechuck was ‘wrong’ in his lawsuit, Reed is effectively saying Safechuck perjured himself.”#fn:2

Some defenders of Robson&Safechuck came up with two publications that mention a train staton on Neverland around 1990. However, Mike Smallcombe – responding in The Mirror on April 8, 2019 – explained that one author had never visited Neverland and simply wrote on the basis of later descriptions, just like the ghostwriter of the other book in question. Fact is: There was no train station on Neverland until late 1994.

Dan Reed’s twist of the timeline is a weak attempt to explain Safechuck’s contradiction, which could be resolved with a much simpler and more logical explanation – Safechuck started to concoct his story in 2013/14. At this point, the train station was a distinctive and prominent place of Neverland, and he simply wanted to include this famous Neverland site in his story, not realising that this building did not exist back then. This error also shows how bad and vague his real memories of Neverland are. Safechuck does not even remember that in those years the train station was not existing yet. Critical observers say: “This mistake points to a hindsight construction of Safechuck’s molestation story.”

5c) Safechuck’s lie about being begged to testify in 2005
In the HBO film, James Safechuck says that Michael Jackson begged him to testify in the 2005 trial, furthermore claiming that Jackson became very angry when he refused. Safechuck even claims that Jackson threatened him with his lawyers, saying that they would come and get him due to their former sexual activities. Here, Safechuck’s claim is incredibly stupid. He wants us to believe that Michael again used the alleged threat of “both of us will go to jail,” thinking that James, now a grown-up man, would still believe this nonsense. Let’s assume Jackson had actually abused Safechuck, then it would have been absurd and extremely dangerous to force this man with threats to give a (false!) testimony. The truth is: Safechuck was never on the list of possible witnesses. He was a “non-entity” in this trial, which means he was totally irrelevant. The story of Jackson begging him to testify is simply a lie.#fn:3

5d) James Safechuck’s mother under suspicion of lying, too
In the HBO film, the mother of James Safechuck says that she danced when she heard that Michael Jackson had died, thanking God that “he can’t hurt any more children”! And she added: “I was so happy when he died.” However, in his civil complaint, James Safechuck explained that he “realised” that he had been “abused” only after a therapy that started in May 2013, and that he had not told anyone before. So, what is this discrepancy revealing about the honesty and credibility of James Safechuck’s mother, Stephanie Safechuck?#fn:4

(In newer statements, Safechuck claims that he “knew” already in 2005 that Jackson was “evil”, this being the reason why he refused to testify at the trial. This, however, is a proven lie, see 5c. Furthermore, with this tactical claim Safechuck contradicts his own statement in his sworn declaration.)

5e) The Safechuck family’s sudden financial problems in 2013
Revealed! Why Safechuck is REALLY Suing Michael Jackson!
(„Inaworldoflove”, 14.03.2019)

This short documentary shows that there was an urgent financial motive right in 2013. Robson & Safechuck are suing MJ’s enterprises for 1.5 billion dollars. If they were to receive even 1% in an out-of-court settlement, they would still obtain 15 million dollars!

Regarding Wade Robson’s personal and financial motives:
Debunking Leaving Neverland ‘Lie By Lie’ ~ Lie #1: “It’s Not About Money”
(„The Michael Jackson Innocent Project”, 3.02.2019)
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6) “Robson and Safechuck were repeatedly caught lying during their failed lawsuits against the Jackson Estate”
The following examples are taken from the letter written by Howard Weitzman, the attorney of the Michael Jackson Estate, to Richard Plepler, Chief Executive Officer of HBO (Home Box Office, Inc.), on February 7, 2019.

[On February 28, 2019, Richard Plepler surprised the business world by announcing that he was leaving HBO, after almost 28 years. He stepped down right before ›Leaving Neverland‹ was aired by HBO on March 3 and 4.]
[Subtitle in the letter:]
Robson and Safechuck Were Repeatedly Caught Lying During Their Failed Lawsuits Against the Jackson Estate

[…] Robson was also caught lying repeatedly in the dismissed litigations with the Estate. For example, in order to try to get around the statute of limitations for monetary claims against the Estate, Robson testified under oath that “[p]rior to March 4, [2013,] I did not understand or was even aware that an Estate [of Michael Jackson] had been opened for administration.” That was a lie. In truth, Robson had personally met with John Branca, one of the Estate’s executors, at Mr. Branca’s office in 2011 in a (failed) effort to solicit work with the Estate on a Michael Jackson-themed Cirque du Soleil show. Prior to meeting with Mr. Branca, Robson’s talent agent told him that he had to contact “John Branca, the person in charge of MJ’s estate.” Not surprisingly, the trial judge dismissed Robson’s claims against the Estate, finding that no rational person could believe Robson’s declaration that he did not know about Michael Jackson’s Estate until March 4, 2013 when he, in fact, had met with John Branca, the Co-Executor of the Estate. In plain English, the judge found that Robson had lied in his sworn declaration. […]
Let that sink in: “The judge found that Robson had lied in his sworn declaration.”
7) Did Robson and Safechuck really not align their stories?
The following is a further excerpt from the letter written by Howard Weitzman.
[…] For example, in the same Huffington Post interview discussed above [link provided in Weizman’s letter], Mr. Reed agrees with the interviewer that “one of the most impactful things in the documentary is the way [Robson’s and Safechuck’s] stories align … even though they didn’t know each other until now.” In another interview, Reed “confirms” that “for legal reasons, [Robson and Safechuck] were kept apart, long before you even approached them about making the movie.” Reed expands on that and says that this was done so “they couldn’t exchange stories. Sundance was the first time [as adults] that they’d met. It’s the first time they’ve had any significant time together.” [link provided in Weitzman’s letter] This is utterly false. In Robson’s 2016 deposition, he testified that he had spoken to Safechuck in 2014, the year Safechuck filed his lawsuit against the Estate. When asked what the two men had spoken about, Robson refused to answer the question—his attorney instructed him to remain silent because Robson’s and Safechuck’s common attorneys were involved in the conversations between the two men in 2014. Accordingly, we can never know what they talked about and how they aligned their stories with their attorneys’ help. Given that they were both seeking hundreds of millions of dollars against the Estate, they had hundreds of millions of reasons for aligning their stories.
Let’s summarize: Dan Reed distorts the facts by saying that Robson and Safechuck did not discuss their stories and he claims, “Sundance was the first time [as adults] that they’d met. It’s the first time they’ve had any significant time together.” This is “utterly false.” The fact is that Safechuck was recruited by Robson in 2014. They are even represented by the same attorney! Therefore, we can assume an intense co-operation since 2014.

It is absurd to present the matching of Robson’s and Safechuck’s stories as some indication of truth. First of all, Robson’s lawsuit was on public record when Safechuck started to come up with his own claims. Also, all the details of previous allegations against Jackson were publicly available. Furthermore, Safechuck’s allegations contain many elements found in a book written by infamous imposter Victor Gutierrez, published in 1996, with the title „Michael Jackson Was My Lover – The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler”. This book is fiction. Young Jordan Chandler did not write a diary full of descriptions of pedophile actions. This book was the product of Gutierrez’ own perverted fantasies. Jordan („Jordie”) Chandler distanced himself from the book in a 1997 declaration. In 1998, Gutierrez lost a court case against Michael Jackson with a penalty of $2.7 million in damages for making up slanderous lies about Michael Jackson. Gutierrez never paid the penalty but still, TV stations continued to invite this convicted liar, presenting him as a “Jackson expert” and providing him world-wide platforms to spread his lies. Looking at Safechuck’s allegations it can be assumed that he used elements from Gutierrez’ book. Robson’s allegations, too, contain elements from Gutierrez’ book.

This point is discussed, among others, in the excellent short documentary by Liam McEwan:

Neverland Firsthand: Investigating the Michael Jackson Documentary
Liam McEwan (30.03.2019)

Also, here:
A Critical Analysis of “Leaving Neverland”
“Claim 2: The stories are convincing because they are sexually explicit and detailed.”
8) Contradicting explanations why they suddenly, after 20 years, changed their testimony
Robson and Safechuck have to explain why they were always stating that there never had been any misconduct, let alone abuse. Basically, they have four patterns of explanation, which are contradictory:

8a) They were in love with Michael and did not realise that their [alleged] sexual activity was abuse.
8b) They were in love with Michael and they wanted to protect Michael Jackson.
8c) They were intimidated by Michael Jackson, and coached by him to become masterful liars.
8d) Robson claims he knew it was bad, and felt shame.

8a) They were in love with Michael and did not realise that their [alleged] sexual activity was abuse
Wade Robson’s first claim in 2013 was that he did not realise “it” was abuse until he underwent therapy in 2012. When Safechuck joined him in 2014, he argued along the same line, saying that he “realised” his own “abuse” not until May 2013 when he saw Wade Robson on TV.

First of all, Wade and James were interviewed by the police in 1993, and the officers made it clear to them that any sexual activity would have been wrong and criminal. In 2004/5, Wade Robson, now 23, was again officially confronted with this topic. In front of the judge and the jury, Wade Robson had to endure extended aggressive questioning. In the letter quoted in chapters 6 and 7, Howard Weitzman writes:
Wade Robson testified in detail as an adult before a jury in 2005 that Michael Jackson never did anything wrong with or to him. He was then subjected to a withering cross-examination by Ron Zonen, one of California’s most-seasoned prosecutors. Yet, despite that, Wade Robson never wavered. Moreover, even after his testimony, there are many videos of him (readily available online) where he praises Michael Jackson as an inspiration and denies that Michael ever molested him.
However, despite all these repeated interrogations, they claim that they did not realise that “it” was abuse. They want us to believe that even in their twenties, as adults(!), they were not realizing that all the hard-core stuff which they are describing now, was abuse.

8b) They were in love with Michael and they wanted to protect Michael Jackson
The HBO film tries to portray Michael Jackson as a weird person who misused many young boys in the name of love, thinking that sexual abuse was an expression of love, and conveying this idea to the victim. Dan Reed repeatedly says that Robson wanted to save Michael Jackson in 2005 out of love, and that he (Robson) did not want to be the man responsible for the destruction of Michael Jackson.

Just one example, taken from the interview by Piers Morgan with Dan Reed in “Good Morning Britain,” aired on March 6, 2019. There, Dan Reed says: “Wade was in love with Michael and he wanted to do everything he could to save the man that he saw as his father figure, his mentor and his former sexual partner […] he wanted to save him, he went to court and was the defence witness number one.” Obviously, this contradicts the narrative given by Robson since 2013, in which he claims that he started to “realise” only in 2012 that he was “abused.”

8c) They were intimidated by Michael Jackson, and coached by him to become masterful liars
On other occasions, Robson and Safechuck claimed that Michael Jackson was intimidating them with the threat that they both (MJ and the boy) would go to prison if they spoke to anybody about their sexual activities. They want us to believe that Jackson was intimidating them so much that they – as young boys – never talked to their parents about the heavy threats against them. Again, this claim is absurd, and is contradicted not only by logic and by Jackson’s known character but also by all photos of Michael Jackson with children, including young Wade and young James.

Robson now even claims that he was coached by Jackson to lie in front of the judge – which is absurd because Robson always testified that he was never abused or touched improperly. He did not need any coaching. Read Wade Robson’s testimony at the 2005 trial, and you see a man speaking the truth out of his own initiative and conviction.

8d) Robson claims he knew it was bad, and felt shame
On some occasions, Wade Robson stated that he – at the 2005 trial – denied being abused because he felt shame about it. Then again, he denies feelings of shame – because his other narrative says that he was not aware that anything had been wrong.
9) Wade Robson’s story about his first “abuse” is a lie
One dramatic scene in the film is Wade Robson describing the first alleged abuse. In 1990, the Robson family (from Australia) went to the USA for the first time, and visited Michael Jackson at his Neverland Ranch in California. The Robsons stayed for two days, then they travelled to the Grand Canyon for five days, returning to Neverland for the next weekend. In the film, Robson claims that he stayed behind with Jackson alone at Neverland for these five days and nights – and suffered the first incidents of sexual abuse, which he describes with appalling details in the film.

He wants us to believe that he – 7 years old – did not show any trace of disturbance or irritation after this completely new and strange experience of repeated sexual abuse, and did not mention anything to his mother, or his sister, or to anybody else.

Again, it was British MJ biographer Mike Smallcombe who refuted Wade’s new claim. He presents two pieces of evidence exposing Wade Robson’s story of his first “abuse” as a lie. In her 1993 deposition, Wade’s mother, Joy Robson, stated that the entire family travelled to the Grand Canyon, and that the first time Wade stayed alone with Jackson at the ranch was in that year (1993). Then, in her 2016 deposition, she again confirmed that her “whole family” including Wade went to the Grand Canyon.

Furthermore, in his testimony under oath in 2005, Wade Robson himself confirmed that the only time he had been at Neverland without his mother was sometime in 1992 or 1993, when Macaulay Culkin and Jordan Chandler were also there.

All of this evidence indicates that Wade Robson’s new twist about his family’s Grand Canyon week and his staying behind alone with Michael Jackson is a blatant lie.

Wade Robson’s Michael Jackson sex abuse claims ‘disproved by his own mum’
29 MAR 2019
10) Wade Robson’s fake show of burning his original Jackson memorabilia
The HBO film ends with the emotional scene of Wade Robson burning his Jackson memorabilia, including the Thriller Jacket. However, the truth was revealed soon when the famous auction company “Julien’s Auctions” revealed that Robson had sold his memorabilia already in June 2011 for a total of 122’000 dollars. In earlier interviews Robson had stated that he needed the money for the therapy after his 2011 breakdown which ended his work for the dance movie “Step Up Revolution” (more information about this biographical background in chapter 14).

Leaving Neverland: Liar Liar Junk on Fire
The Michael Jackson Innocent Project
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11) Wade Robson hiding his relationship with Michael Jackson’s niece Brandi Jackson
In the HBO film, Wade Robson tries to create the impression that Michael Jackson was keeping the children apart in order to isolate them as much as possible. First of all, this is a false claim which contradicts the entire situation on Neverland. The children were roaming freely, Wade and James were not isolated at all. Furthermore, Wade Robson is hiding the fact that he was dating Michael Jackson’s niece, Brandi (daughter of Jackie Jackson). In 1991, young Wade got interested in Brandi, and he asked Michael Jackson to help him get in contact with Brandi. Wade who was a total “nobody,“ wanted a relationship with the daughter of one of the legendary Jackson Five group! We can assume that the driving force behind the initiative of 9-year-old Wade was his ambitious mother.

Michael organised a meeting between the family of his brother Jackie and the Robsons. Through this meeting, the boy and the girl got to know each other closer, and over the years it became a teenage love. This relationship went on until 2001 when 18-year-old Wade Robson cheated Brandi with Britney Spears. (A short time thereafter, Justin Timberlake ended his relationship with Britney Spears.) In interviews, Brandi Jackson describes Wade Robson as a guy who was good in lying about, and denying, his affairs with other young women.

In the HBO film, Wade Robson is not mentioning his relationship with Brandi Jackson, because that would be just another factor contradicting his timeline and his entire story of abuse. According to his now-story, 1991 was the time when the alleged abuse was going on, but obviously, Michael was not isolating Wade and had nothing to hide, and Wade was not intimidated but became friends with (and, later on, the lover of) Brandi Jackson.
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12) Wade Robson invited Michael Jackson to his marriage … and was sexually neither naive nor innocent
Wade Robson claims that he did not know what child sexual abuse was until 2012 when he was 29. Who can believe such an absurd claim? As mentioned in chapter 11, Wade Robson, in his teens, had a relationship with Brandi Jackson, Michael Jackson’s niece, and today she reveals that he betrayed her several times with other young ­women. Obviously, he knew what sex was, and was neither naive nor innocent, or shy. 2001, with 18 years, he seduced 19-year old famous singer Britney Spears, with whom he had a short affair although she, at that time, was in a fix relationship (with young star Justin Timberlake).

At the trial of 2005, grown-up Wade Robson (22) was harshly interviewed under oath by the plaintiffs. He was asked several times how and where Jackson had touched him. Robson stated in no uncertain terms that he knew what sexual abuse was, and that Michael never had touched him in an inappropriate manner. He also stated that he never would have allowed such a thing.

On June 13, 2004, Michael Jackson was acquitted in all 14 points of accusation. On August 13, 2005, Wade Robson had his marriage ceremony, and he invited Michael Jackson! This confirms his testimony that there had never been any sexual abuse. Wade wanted him to be there, but Michael Jackson had no interest because he, totally exhausted after the trial, had just left the USA for an indefinite period of time. Thus, Robson cannot claim that he invited Michael Jackson merely out of courtesy. (Michael Jackson understandably refused to participate, as he did not want to travel to the US, and he didn’t want the ceremony to turn into a media circus due to his presence.)

This “detail” as well as many others were omitted by Wade Robson in ›Leaving Neverland‹. All these facts would contradict the new version of his story in a fundamental way.
13) Wade Robson calling his wife “also a survivor of child abuse,” plus: Robson’s fund for collecting money
Wade Robson and Amanda Rodriguez married in August 2005, their son was born in 2010. In the HBO film, she describes how Wade began to tell her about the “abuse” in 2012, which he had never mentioned before. She says: “I had no knowledge of child sexual abuse, or the psychological way it plays out into adulthood. You know, I was incredibly naive on this subject, so to me you know [cut] the fact that he had lied about it to me, I thought the repercussions must be something that affected [cut] that he was scared of in relation to me or to us, I don’t know.”

This obviously true statement was problematic, however, and Dan Reed had missed to cut it out. It was problematic because, in the beginning of 2019, Wade Robson had started the “Robson Family Fund”, and he had written (on the website):
The Robson Family Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation was established in 2019 by Wade and Amanda Robson. Wade Robson, a survivor of child sexual abuse, along with Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse, wanted to create a powerful way to contribute towards the healing from and prevention of child abuse.
Oops! Wade Robson wrote: “along with Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse”! In the film, Amanda stated: “I had no knowledge of child sexual abuse, or the psychological way it plays out into adulthood, you know, I was incredibly naive on this subject.”

When this discrepancy was exposed by critical examiners, Robson deleted the telltale wording about his wife. Now, the fund is called “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund.”

One might argue that Robson called himself “a survivor of child sexual abuse,” and his wife “a survivor of child abuse,” thus making a distinction between the two. However, had Amanda been a victim of any form of child abuse, her words in the interview would have been different, and Wade would not have seen a necessity to delete this phrase.

Screenshots have been preserved. The following two screenshots were provided by the YouTube channel “The Michael Jackson Innocent Project” in their short documentary Liar Liar Junk on Fire, published March 11, 2019.
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Screenshot 1: the original version of the Website, called “Robson Family Fund” – with the wording “along with Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse.”
Stacks Image 235262
Screenshot 2: the new version, now called “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund”, with Robson’s “victim” phrase about his wife deleted.
The Internet does not forget. Robson’s “victim” phrase about his wife can still be found, for example in this article, which exposes the nature of the Robson “fund”:
Exclusive: Michael Jackson Accuser Wade Robson Is Ready for Donations with a New Non-Profit Designed to Cash In On “Leaving Neverland”

by Roger Friedman - March 3, 2019

When “Leaving Neverland” airs tonight on HBO, Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson is ready to cash in. He’s created a website and a not for profit called Robson Family Fund. There’s a nice donation page where you can send him money. Robson is not stupid. He’s made sure no one can see any filings for the Fund. He’s hidden it under the Hawaii Community Foundation. That way he and his wife, Amanda, don’t have to file a Form 990 with the IRS. They can accept money from anyone– the filmmakers, HBO, etc–and never have to reveal it. […] A lot of people have asked Wade if he was paid to be in the documentary, and he’s said no. But no one’s asked if the filmmaker or HBO has donated money to this foundation.

The website states: “The Robson Family Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation was established in 2019 by Wade and Amanda Robson. Wade Robson, a survivor of child sexual abuse, along with Amanda Robson, his wife, mother of their child and also a survivor of child abuse, wanted to create a powerful way to contribute towards the healing from and prevention of child abuse.”

On the page for the Fund, donations begin at $250.
Then, two days later:
Wade Robson Changes Donation Page After Backlash From Michael Jackson Supporters

March 5, 2019, By Gary Trock

Wade Robson has changed the name of a fund set up to collect donations in the wake of HBO airing “Leaving Neverland.”

The recently established fund, set up through Hawaii Community Foundation, was originally named “Robson Family Fund” […] Donations started at $250, but the charity did not specifically say where the money would go. Robson and his wife, Amanda, began taking heat online from people suggesting they were trying to cash in on the controversy from “Leaving Neverland.”

Tuesday morning, the “Robson Family Fund” page was removed and replaced with the “Robson Child Abuse Healing and Prevention Fund.” Along with the new name, the page also touts a personal donation from Robson of $10,000.
14) Robson and Safechuck trying to sue MJ’s companies with far-fetched allegations for 1.5 billion dollars
Wade Robson wants to sue Michael Jackson’s Estate for hundreds of millions of dollars. He tries to prove that two of Michael Jackson’s companies, MJJ Productions, Inc., and MJJ Ventures, Inc. (MJJ is the abbreviation for Michael Joseph Jackson), did know about the alleged abuse and were directly complicit. This kind of allegation is the only way left for filing a complaint because all legal time limits for other forms of complaint have expired long ago. Robson is distorting the situation of his family’s early contact with Michael Jackson in order to be able to sue these companies – because he is not interested in getting any money! Safechuck is following the legal pattern of Robson.

On May 1, 2013, Wade Robson filed a creditor’s claim / civil lawsuit against MJ’s Estate (which owns the two companies) for monetary compensation with claims of childhood sexual abuse by Michael Jackson. In his deposition he claims that these two companies were “the most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organization[s] the world has known” that knowingly and deliberately “facilitated” his alleged abuse, and Safechuck’s as well.

However, the documented chronology of the timeline and the facts contradict this allegation.

The Robson family lived in Brisbane, Australia. They first met Michael Jackson when he was on tour in Australia in November 1987. Wade, who was 5 at that time, had won a dance competition at a Target Store, the prize was meeting Michael Jackson. 25 years later, Wade Robson started to claim that these “Meet and Greet” competitions were purposefully orchestrated by MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures as a trap to find minor sexual abuse victims for Michael Jackson. This claim is absurd. The dance competition in Australia was not organised by a Jackson company but by Target, Pepsi and CBS. It was Wade’s ambitious mother who made efforts to stay in contact with Michael Jackson. After 1987, the Robsons’ next meeting with Michael Jackson was in 1990 – because the Robsons sought the contact, not the other way round. In 1991 the Robson family even moved to the US to be close to Michael Jackson. Michael, the kind and naive man he was, even helped them obtaining the permit to stay in the US, but he only rarely met the Robsons. According to the mother’s deposition, Wade even felt neglected and “pushed aside a little bit.” In 1991, Wade Robson was one of the many kids participating in Michael Jackson’s music video for the song Jam. – Today, Robson claims that this was the time when he was sexually molested “hundreds of times” while, in fact, Michael only had a few personal meetings with the Robsons.

And now, Robson claims that Jackson’s companies were a secret child abuse mafia who brought the Robsons to the USA with the purpose of making young Wade a “victim” of Michael Jackson.

James Safechuck, who also tries to sue the Jackson Estate for hundreds of millions of dollars, is following Robson’s line of argument, also claiming that the Jackson companies were somehow instrumental in his alleged abuse.
15) Robson’s crisis, and the start of his allegations against Michael Jackson in 2012
Wade and Amanda married in August 2005, their son was born in November 2010. In December 2010, Wade Robson accepted the position of choreographer in the dance movie “Step Up Revolution — One step can change your world.” Wade thought that this was now his big breakthrough. But in early 2011 the work pressure became too much for Robson, and he gave up. He started a therapy, while at the same time, he tried to get the job as choreographer in the Cirque du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour”, but his application was rejected. Then, he tried the same with the Las Vegas Show „Michael Jackson: One“. Another failure.

According to Wade’s own deposition, his wife Amanda had a hard time handling his breakdowns, and she even began to think of leaving him. In April 2012, Wade started another therapy, and on May 8th, 2012, he started with his allegations against Michael Jackson. It appears that Wade had found the convenient solution: excusing his failures by shifting the blame on the world’s most famous megastar, thus getting a world-wide stage for himself with the hopes for book deals, “documentaries” … and millions of dollars from the Michael Jackson Estate.

Indeed, Robson immediately started writing a book and tried to find a publisher. In 2013, when he started suing the Michael Jackson Estate, he tried to hide his failed book project, but it was detected due to the legal procedure. He had to disclose it to the judge and to the Jackson Estate. The two drafts of this book showed that Robson’s description of his alleged abuse changed from the first draft to the second. In the book, he described himself as “a master of deception” in order to explain his convincing testimony in 2005, and his twenty years of continued, and consistent, description of the innocent nature of Michael Jackson’s dealings with him, Wade Robson, and children in general.

Also, Robson was obliged to disclose his e-mails relevant to this case. First, he refused. However, when his 2012 e-mails became known it was obvious that Wade Robson had no detailed memories of his early years with Michael Jackson. In the e-mails to his mother, he asked many questions, and based on her descriptions he started to construct his “memories“ and stories of abuse.
16) Wade Robson: A scenario of frustration, deceit, revenge and false ambition, and “selling the soul to the devil”
In the chorus of his song “Money” (on the album HIStory), Michael Jackson sings as a warning: “Anything, anything / Anything for money / Would lie for you / Would die for you / Even sell my soul to the devil.” Apparently, Wade Robson – and, following him, James Safechuck – have decided to go against the warning of their friend and well-wisher, Michael Jackson.

Let’s summarize what happened before Wade Robson started to accuse Michael Jackson:

Robson, in a time of financial problems and declining career (2011), almost desperately tried to get a job in the Cirque du Soleil’s programm “Michael Jackson – The Immortal World Tour.” When this application was denied, he tried to get a job in the Las Vegas show “Michael Jackson: One.” Again, without success. Both rejections had to do with decisions by the Michael Jackson Estate.

These ultimate frustrations apparently caused Wade Robson to snap with hatred and feelings of revenge, both against the Michael Jackson Estate and against Michael Jackson, the person, who, many years ago, had repeatedly encouraged Robson by saying that he will be a successful actor and/or film director and choreographer. In Robson’s head, these words of encouragement had become a fix prophecy and guarantee of success. After his last two frustrations, he apparently stopped believing in his professional success, and decided to go for another kind of “success” by taking on the role of a victim as well as “the big hero” who “exposed” and “destroyed” the greatest megastar of the 20th century.

However, Robson only had vague memories of his early meetings with Michael Jackson. He, therefore, began to ask his mother about those early years (documented by his e-mails which he had to disclose in the course of his legal procedures).

Based on the facts we know, we can deduce the following scenario: Once his mother had told him everything she remembered, Wade started to manipulate her by stopping contact with her. (Robson himself states that he stopped the contact with his mother for some time after he “realized” that he had been “abused.”) Obviously, his mother started to worry. We can imagine questions like: “My son, where are you? How are you? What’s the matter? Tell me what’s wrong! Please talk to me!!” And then, Wade shocked his mother by telling her that Michael Jackson had “abused” him, probably putting guilt on her by accusing her of “not protecting” him back then. His mother, in shock, believed everything he told her. In this way, Robson achieved what he wanted: His mother started to confirm his stories.

In a similar way, he began to tell his story to his wife, his sister, etc. Naturally, they believed him and wanted to help him, thus becoming dragged into his “movie”.

In May 2013, Wade Robson had his first public appearance as an accuser of Michael Jackson, immediately gaining world-wide attention. At this point, Robson started to look for “other abuse victims” of Michael Jackson. After one year, James Safechuck joined Wade Robson, and he started to make accusations against Michael Jackson that were similar, and complementary, to Robson’s.
17) Summary: A compilation of facts and arguments by Charles Thomson
On Facebook, March 6, 2019, British music journalist and Michael Jackson expert Charles (“Charlie”) Thomson published a list of compelling facts and arguments indicating that Robson & Safechuck are liars.

It was widely shared on Facebook and social media.

Here, we quote Thomson’s excellent compilation in full:
Charlie Thomson
March 6
**FACT-BOMB: The evidence the media refuses to show you about Michael Jackson’s accusers**

I’ve felt total and utter shame at my industry as the coverage of tonight’s Michael Jackson TV show has grown increasingly dishonest and dangerous. I’ve worked in the media since I was a teenager. The whole media knows these two men are liars. But that’s not good for clicks or ratings.

For five years, these men – both professional actors – have been suing Michael Jackson’s estate for hundreds of millions of dollars. This lawsuit has generated thousands of pages of court records: witness statements, motions, depositions and disclosure. These public documents PROVE beyond any reasonable doubt that the men are lying. The whole media knows about these documents, but is refusing to report on their contents.

I’ve tried not to fill my Facebook feed with posts about this, but you are all being lied to from every direction. So this is my contribution to the debate on Facebook – a list of just some of the public record information the media is refusing to tell you.

*Both men strenuously defended Jackson, including under oath, for decades, and only decided they’d been molested years after his death, when they were both in financial trouble and filed a lawsuit seeking hundreds of millions of dollars. That lawsuit was thrown out of court – twice – but the men are in the middle of an appeal, giving them a gigantic financial motive to lie.

*Since filing their lawsuit, both men have repeatedly changed their stories, frequently telling directly contradictory versions of the same supposed events. For example, Wade Robson has told at least four directly contradictory stories about the first time Jackson supposedly abused him.

*In the lawsuit, Robson was caught lying under oath so brazenly that the judge threw out his entire witness statement and said no rational juror could ever believe his account.

*Between 2012 and 2014, Robson wrote two drafts of an abuse memoir and tried unsuccessfully to sell them to publishers. Meanwhile, he lied under oath and said he’d never discussed his allegations with anyone except his lawyers. When the Jackson estate discovered he’d actually been shopping books, the court ordered him to produce the drafts as evidence. They revealed the story of his abuse had changed significantly from one draft to the next.

*Robson was also ordered to release his emails as evidence. He breached the order repeatedly, first by claiming they didn’t exist, then by simply refusing to hand them over. Then he redacted all the emails between himself and his family members and cited “attorney-client” privilege, even though none of his family are attorneys.

*When he eventually complied with the court order and released the emails, they revealed that at the time he was constructing his lawsuit and abuse memoir, he was researching and emailing himself links to old tabloid newspaper stories about abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.

*The emails showed Robson found one particular story from the early 1990s which specifically named he and his mother. He emailed it to his mother and asked whether it was true. She replied, ‘Wow, none of that is true’. He then included it in his story anyway.

*Emails also revealed that throughout 2011/12, Robson was lobbying Jackson’s estate for a job directing and choreographing an official Michael Jackson tribute show in Las Vegas. His campaign to secure this role had included sending emails explaining that his amazing friendship with Jackson meant nobody was better qualified for the role than he was, and he was devoted to doing the best job he possibly could ‘for Michael’. After being told someone else had got the job, he suddenly claimed he’d been abused and filed a creditor’s claim against the estate for millions of dollars.

*Months later, according to Jimmy Safechuck, he flipped on the TV and saw Wade Robson being interviewed about his lawsuit. In that moment, Safechuck suddenly remembered that he had been abused by Jackson as well, so decided to join the lawsuit. He didn’t mention that this epiphany coincided exactly with his inheritance circling the drain after a relative died and the surviving siblings started suing each other – including him – for control of the family business.

*Robson was also ordered to produce his diaries as evidence. In them, he’d written about how these allegations might rescue his failing career by making him ‘relatable and relevant’. He also wrote, ‘It’s time for me to get mine.’ When questioned under oath about what he’d meant when he wrote that, he refused to answer.

*Both men tell stories in the TV show which directly contradict stories told under oath in their lawsuit. In fact, they have continued to change their stories as recently as within the last week.

*For example, Jimmy Safechuck claims under oath in the lawsuit that he only remembered Jackson had abused him in 2013 when he turned on the TV and saw Robson. Yet in tonight’s TV show and interviews promoting it, he claims he knew he’d been abused in 2005 and thus, when asked to testify for Jackson’s defence ‘towards the end of the trial’, he refused to do so.

*But that’s a provable lie. Safechuck was never asked to testify for Jackson’s defence. The judge ruled long before the trial began that testimony could only be heard about certain children, and Safechuck was not one of them. All testimony about Safechuck was literally banned from the courtroom. So Jackson’s defence cannot have asked him to testify – and certainly not after the trial was already underway.

*Robson claimed in a BBC interview last week that Jackson had abused him ‘hundreds of times’. Yet his mother’s sworn testimony is that they went to Neverland roughly 14 times but Jackson was almost never there. She estimates the number of times they visited the ranch and he was actually there was four.

*Questioned about their financial motive, the men now say they don’t care about money and are only suing to embolden other abuse victims by holding the Jackson estate accountable. This is a provable lie. The lawsuit was originally filed under seal and Robson tried to extract a settlement from the estate with zero publicity. Only when the estate refused to pay a bean did he go public.

I could continue, but if you’re still on board with the TV show and its accusers at this point, you are irrational to the point of mania.

Tonight’s TV show covers up all of this information, instead presenting two professional actors’ heavily edited and completely unchallenged testimony without ever examining their credibility, their proven lies and perjury, their constantly changing stories or their financial motives.

It is a stain on the journalistic profession, as has been the rest of the media’s coverage.
18) Final words: we are challenged to distinguish truth from lies
The facts and arguments presented here are quite compelling, indicating that Robson’s and Safechuck’s allegations against Michael Jackson are false, and extremely evil. Don’t forget, they are actors, they are obsessed by their own story, and they are entangled in their own spiderweb into which they have dragged their mothers, and others, too. They want to present themselves as heroes who “embolden other abuse victims.” So they will try to tell their allegations to the best of their “ability,” while trying to convince the world that their stories are independent. However, the facts indicate that they have been co-operating since 2014. No wonder their stories are matching! In the case of pathological liars, we have to expect that they even believe their own stories. So don’t be deceived by “convincing” story-telling!

Regarding the story of ›Leaving Neverland‹ – not all the journalists are buying it. Here is one example of a journalist (from the Washington Examiner) who did some background-checking:
I don’t believe Michael Jackson’s accusers in ‘Leaving Neverland’
by Eddie Scarry | March 04, 2019 05:45 PM | Washington Examiner

“[…] In fact, after watching, I disbelieve the two men in the documentary. It isn’t hard. […]

The allegations aren’t new. Both men several years ago filed lawsuits against the Jackson estate for their supposed abuse. […]

I don’t buy that he [Safechuck] “doesn’t seem to want to go back there.” In fact, throughout the documentary, it’s clear that both Safechuck and Robson do want to “go back there.” They recall at length being friends with the biggest star the world has ever seen, the perks of being so close to Michael Jackson.

They both discussed how they were flown around the world to appear with him on stage during his concerts. Robson was in Jackson’s music videos. Safechuck was featured in one of his iconic Pepsi commercials. Both men recount their friendships with Jackson in vivid, exciting detail: the hotels, the flights, the life.

It’s only when they describe the coming end of their time with Jackson that they seem upset.

They’re wistful. They remember no longer feeling like they were his “favorite.”

I don’t believe Robson or Safechuck. […]”
Appendix 1–3:

We want to add short explanations regarding three wide-spread points of misunderstanding, or disinformation, namely (1) Michael Jackson “sleeping with children,” (2) Michael Jackson having paid “hush money” to the accusers in 1994, and (3) Michael Jackson’s acquittal in 2005 simply due to lack of evidence.
Appendix 1: Sleep-overs at the Neverland Ranch. An adult man “sleeping with children”?
Yes, there were sleep-overs in Neverland. However, this does not mean that Michael Jackson was lying in bed with one single child. These were sleep-over parties with many children. Often, the parents were there, too, or they knew about it. These groups of children had fun, with or without Michael. You have to know: Michael Jackson’s “sleeping room” was huge, extending over two floors. These rooms were bigger than most people’s entire apartment. Michael Jackson did not “sleep with children”, the children were staying in Michael Jackson’s home as guests, sometimes staying over night – never alone, always in groups.

These occasional and non-secretive parties and sleep-overs went on for years. Never was there any complaint or allegation, because those present at the time saw and understood what was going on: a child-like Michael Jackson playing and goofing around. Very often, Michael Jackson was not even present.

The first allegation of misconduct (1993) had nothing to do with Neverland. It came from Evan Chandler, father of Jordan Chandler, who was divorced from the mother of Jordan. When Michael Jackson began to visit Jordan and his mother in Los Angeles, Evan Chandler wanted to use Michael Jackson for personal gain. Jackson started to avoid Evan, a choleric psychopath. At this point, Evan Chandler started his revenge act. This is a proven fact. One piece of evidence is the recording of a phone conversation between Evan and the new husband of Jordan’s mother (Evan’s ex-wife). This recording was publicly played in two press conferences (in 1993), but the news media preferred to ignore this piece of evidence.

In 2005 Evan violently attacked his son Jordan with a 12.5 pound object (information from the police report). In 2009, four months after Michael Jackon’s death, Evan Chandler committed suicide.

Appendix 2: Did Michael Jackson pay “hush money” in 1994 to settle the case?
The media frenzy about the Chandler allegation broke out when Michael Jackson was starting the last leg of his Dangerous Tour (in Asia). The continued world-wide slander and the legal fight caused Michael Jackson a lot of stress up to the point of breakdowns. After 24 concerts, he had to stop the Dangerous Tour, thus suffering great financial loss and career damage. Michael had intended to confront the Chandlers in court in order to prove his innocence and to sue Evan Chandler for attempted extortion. However, as his health condition was very precarious, his family and friends and his soon-to-be wife Lisa Marie Presley implored him to avoid this legal battle. Furthermore, the insurance company had the contractual right to choose the least-expensive way. In the Chandler case, it was an out-of-court settlement. The settlement clearly stated that the payment (about 15 million dollar) had nothing to do with the allegation of misconduct. The payment was for the custody battle which had ensued between the father and the mother of Jordan. (Michael Jackson did not pay any money to the Chandlers, the settlement was paid entirely by the insurance company.)

However, as soon as the settlement was done, the news media misrepresented the facts and started implying that the settlement included “hush money.” Fake News and irresponsible reporting.
Appendix 3: Michael Jackson was the most targeted celebrity, and he was thoroughly investigated and closely observed by a very inimical district attorney
The district attorney of Santa Barbara, Tom Sneddon (1941 – 2014), had a bad reputation. Many called him a racist, and there were even legal accusations against him indicating misuse of power. He obviously hated Michael Jackson, and he used the Chandler allegation (summer 1993) to start an oppressive investigation of Michael Jackson. In 1993, he tried everything to find some “dirt.” He ordered a raid at the Neverland Ranch, and he interrogated about 200 people (children and their parents), including the Robsons and the Safechucks, and it was obvious that there was nothing. The Chandler accusations were baseless and made-up in order to harm Michael Jackson and exploit him financially. After the settlement in 1994 [it was not “hush money”; see Appendix 2], Sneddon just waited for another opportunity, and observed both Michael Jackson and Jackson’s Neverland Ranch closely.

In the beginning of 2003, the infamous Martin Bashir “documentary“ Living with Michael Jackson was aired. One topic of the film was the Arvizo family whom Michael Jackson had helped a lot, especially young Gavin Arvizo who had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. (In 2000, physicians had said that Gavin had only a few months to live.) In his film Bashir tried to present Jackson’s relationship with Gavin in a way indicating misconduct. Sneddon took this “case“ as a cause to start another aggressive “investigation“ despite the Arvizo’s repeated statement that there had never been any misconduct or abuse by Michael Jackson. Only several months later, after being influenced by powerful people, did the Arvizos change their story, now attacking Michael Jackson with allegations of sexual abuse. The trial in 2005 showed that all 14 points of accusation were false. The claims of the accusers were debunked, and exposed as lies. (Gavin Arvizo remained free of cancer, and is now married.)

In other words, Michael Jackson and Neverland were thoroughly investigated from the very beginning, and it was obvious that there was no misconduct, and no secret “operation of child abuse”. Now, 30 years later, Robson & Safechuck want to paint a completely different picture of Michael Jackson and Neverland, apparently hoping that the general public does not know the real facts about Michael Jackson, and counting on the sensationalism of the mass media.

Since 1993, the tabloid media began to offer tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars for negative stories about Michael Jackson. Several bad characters, mostly people who had been fired by Michael Jackson, decided to take revenge and benefit from Michael Jackson’s vulnerable position by making up some slanderous story. Sometimes, the tabloids themselves constructed lies, even presenting fake evidence. Here two of many examples:

The claim that Michael Jackson paid off the families of 20 “victims” with a total of 200 million dollars was a total lie:

The story of hidden child pornography found on Neverland was an evil concoction by the tabloids themselves, based on fake “evidence”:
Just because you read it in a magazine
Or see it on the TV screen
Don’t make it factual.

From Michael Jackson’s song Tabloid Junkie (HIStory Album 1995)
English translation of our book – a call for support
A groundbreaking book about Michael Jackson, and the light and darkness within the show business – written by Sophia Pade and Armin Risi (in German):

MAKE THAT CHANGE. Michael Jackson: Botschaft und Schicksal eines spirituellen Revolutionärs
(2017; updated edition January 2019)

The book’s title, MAKE THAT CHANGE, is the famous line from the song Man in the Mirror.

English translation of the German subtitle:
Michael Jackson: Message and Fate of a spiritual revolutionary.

Michael Jackson fans and experts in the German-speaking countries say that this is one of the best books ever written about Michael Jackson.

Once you understand what happened in the life of the King of Pop, you will know what is really going on in our world ...

We are looking for support regarding the English translation, and for contacts with an English publisher! Please contact me through my website.
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Screenshot from amazon.de, taken on June 25, 2019.
Our book has 4,5 stars from 53 reader reviews.
This article is a summary of facts & legal sources and arguments provided by the following websites:
YouTube channel:

The Michael Jackson Innocent Project

There you can find two series of short films, titled
Debunking Leaving Neverland ‘Lie By Lie’
Proving MJ’s Innocence ‘Fact by Fact’
There are many other informative websites and YouTube productions. The ones mentioned above are a good place to start. The information given in my summary can be verified and further researched through the sources mentioned above, which include many references to court depositions etc.
  1. Our book, Make That Change, shows that the accusers are used by other interest groups. However, this is not the topic of the elaboration presented here. Here, we only concentrate on the facts indicating that Wade Robson and James Safechuck are lying about Michael Jackson.
  2. Quoted from:
    Michael Jackson sex abuse accuser's lawsuit 'damaged by filmmaker's claims'
    The director of Leaving Neverland has claimed that Michael Jackson's abuse went on longer than first thought, after questions were raised about the timeline of alleged events
    (6 APR 2019)

    See also:
    Leaving Neverland director makes 'u-turn' on Michael Jackson claims
    EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson biographer Mike Smallcombe has alleged dates in Leaving Neverland do not add up and director Dan Reed agrees
  3. Debunking Leaving Neverland 'Lie By Lie' ~ Lie #3: “Safechuck was begged to testify...”
  4. PROOF - Stephanie Safechuck caught on lying in Leaving Neverland