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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter Two

The Programming of Consciousness and How to Transcend It

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
The previous chapter concluded with the indication that, in the present phase of global polarization, the external struggle is no longer separate from the inner struggle. People are caught up in external situations with their entire being, having no time or energy left for their inner, spiritual life. If people resonate with this occupying influence, they will be influenced – and see no harm in it. Rather, as a prophetic warning says, they might even welcome it: ‘And all the earth followed the beast with admiration. They worshipped the dragon because he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshipped the beast.’ (Rev. 13.3–4)

It is of crucial importance where we direct the focus of our consciousness. This is the only real application of our free will, for it is this focus which determines our affinity and receptiveness, according to the law of resonance. Inner strength, naturally, is the best protection. It stems from our original, spiritual consciousness. If we compromise and contaminate it, then weak points will come about in our subtle-material bodies, giving negative elements an access to affect our consciousness. Despite (or because of?) being the best protection, people’s mental balance and clarity of thought are being undermined in many ways: by external stress, constant sensual irritation, various forms of addiction, bad food or malnutrition, and mental agitation due to anxiety, fear and artificial needs.

Mental restlessness is a basic characteristic of our time. This would become especially evident if people were to sit down and meditate. Who would be capable of remaining centred in his or her inner identity, free from disturbing thoughts and pictures popping into the mind? Try for some minutes not to think of past or upcoming job duties, of impressions received through radio, TV, cinema, videos, magazines and newspapers, and of private affairs. Try to concentrate on a prayer, on a mantra, or on visualizing spiritual energies and higher communication. Here, in this inner realm, is the door to all of our spiritual potentials. However, it is this door from which people are being diverted.

Let us recall the chess genius mentioned in the ‘fore-story’. Imagine you had an unfailing memory and never forgot anything. Everything that you heard, saw, said, perceived and experienced would always remain present in your mind. You would simply go mad.

Fortunately, we might be relieved to say, our memory is not that good. Most impressions do not remain in the conscious memory but instantaneously submerge into our subconscious. Many things are quickly forgotten. Other things are not even consciously perceived. But nevertheless, they have entered our consciousness. They are, literally speaking, im-pressions, namely conscious or subconscious imprints stamped into our mind.

As long as the inner balance is not affected, these impressions are not problematic. They become problematic only when one is no longer able to handle and ‘digest’ them. Then repression and indifference start, with impressions fermenting in the subconscious, carrying an explosive mental tension. Some cannot help but living out this destructive potential (by greed for power, brutality, perversions or by going berserk and running amok). Others cope with it indirectly by swimming in the mainstream, despite its self-destructive tendency, or by passivity and resignation in view of the overwhelming global problems. ‘What can I do? Let us hope that someone else will do something.’

The focus of our consciousness determines what we do and refrain from doing. Every individual contributes his share to the collective consciousness of mankind. Even if we cannot directly influence our external circumstances (catastrophes, wars etc.), we can still decide how they influence us.

We cannot change others. We can only change ourselves. But, by changing ourselves, we also change the world because we are constituent parts of the world.

Consciousness is the essential determinant and the instrument of free will. Therefore, in manipulation the ‘lever’ is first positioned on people’s consciousness, as explained in the introduction to this book.

What are the forms of subtle influence affecting our consciousness and rendering us susceptible to further influence? What is a negative, a positive and a spiritual orientation of consciousness? How can we liberate ourselves from negative bonds, and then become immune to such influence?

First, the ways to inner immunity have to be examined, as some of the following chapters, what to speak of certain world-wide occurrences to come, might otherwise cause fear, hate or helplessness. In reality, however, these aspects of our world are a great challenge and a great opportunity – if we can avoid falling, or being dragged, into duality.

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 57