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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
Pillsbury’s life story shows the crucial importance of what we allow to enter into our consciousness. In Pillsbury’s case the focus of consciousness he opted for had tragic consequences. The flood of information he absorbed as well as his lifestyle took their toll psychically and physically. The way his life ended is a warning to all people of modern-day society because we, too, are confronted with a constant flood of information that make us think, feel and act in certain ways.

All over the world, millions upon millions of people, while working in some office, factory or business, perform activities they would ordinarily not do, were it up to them. A constant pressure makes them spend their lives in busyness, stress and anxiety, as they all have to make money. They have no choice, and they have ‘no time’, at least no time for themselves – for their true selves. Furthermore, most of these occupations either directly or indirectly harm people’s health and the environment. Yet still these artificial needs continue to be justified and advocated, in spite of all warnings and dangers.

Why? A first answer is: because there are forces wanting it to be so. Otherwise, the course would be different. Exploitation, corruption, pollution, injustice and wars do not simply happen by chance. Without money and organization, none of these ‘achievements’ would be possible.

It is a question of power. There are those who influence, and those who allow themselves to be influenced. Both sides contribute their share, though featuring in different roles. This unequal power game is called manipulation, literally meaning ‘a handling, trickery, or machination; using other people to serve one’s own interest’.

Manipulation is especially effective when the targeted people are not aware that they are being manipulated. Voluntary ‘cogs in the machine’ are easier to handle than forced ones. Therefore, manipulation is a stronger means of power than enforcement.

For manipulation to have its intended effect, it must secure a hold on people’s consciousness. It is the ‘wavelength’ (frequency) of our consciousness that determines what we perceive and ignore, what we like and dislike, what we accept and reject, in short: how we spend our time and energy. The manipulators, therefore, try to program people by keeping them within limited horizons, conditioning their consciousness through a constant flow of influence and in-formation: it flows into the consciousness and puts it in a certain form. In this way people almost naturally dedicate their energy (faith, interest, time) to the aims imposed.

It is an unequal game but a mutual one nonetheless as the overwhelming majority of people want the diversions offered to them (TV, newspapers, internet, entertainment, sport, intoxication, meat, luxury etc.), ignoring the destructive processes required to produce these ‘consumer goods’. Of course, there are various factors influencing the desires of each individual, but ultimately we ourselves determine what can influence us – according to the focus of our consciousness. When one believes to be voluntarily doing what one does, one cannot blame the manipulators alone but should also consider one’s own superficiality, indolence and naivety, perhaps even dishonesty and self-deception.

Are not most people convinced that what they choose to believe, watch, read, eat, like and dislike, is their own decision? In other words, the world situation cannot be properly assessed by passing the buck of responsibility. This would be a one-sided projection of guilt: ‘It is your fault, not mine!’ With such an attitude one would pass over the most important factor, namely one’s own role in this power game. After all, being manipulated means that one is part of the manipulation, having accepted the role of an ignorant or intimidated victim (by giving in to the illusion of being powerless and helpless). Such ‘private’ frustrations always look for compensation, mostly by unloading themselves upon other victims, be it the wife, the child or the dog. Being manipulated means being a potential manipulator, too. Those who allow themselves to be manipulated would be manipulators themselves if they were given the dreamt-of billions of dollars. Therefore, the point of examining the global power game cannot be a hypo-critical criticism of some manipulators. Otherwise it would remain superficial and inconclusive. The solution cannot be the judging and blaming of others. To play one front off against the other will not end the power game. However, ignoring or belittling the problem is not the solution, either. We have to transcend the global power game, which means: we have to go beyond the dualistic way of thinking. Then, and only then, shall we be able to end destruction and exploitation, being aware of the higher perspectives in life. This, again, is a question of consciousness.

Manipulation, liberation, any form of creation, even life itself – everything is centred on consciousness. Consciousness is not a product of matter (of the brain), it is the source of matter. It animates matter, it shapes matter, it moves matter. If people were to know about these miraculous potentials of their consciousness, they would have other priorities, other interests, other goals. They would be immune against materialistic manipulation. A completely new world-view would open up. They would see themselves and the universe with totally different eyes. They would be able to work with astral and ethereal energies, and to perform telepathy, self-healing, even ‘miracles’ (mind over matter). But do such abilities really exist?

Yes. The potential of the human mind exceeds by far today’s accepted limitations. According to ancient writings, mystical traditions and contemporary metaphysics, humans in former ages were able to utilize this potential, and thus had a natural access to higher dimensions and higher perception. Psychic abilities were nothing extraordinary – just like, for modern man, electricity, television and computers.

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 17