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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter Twelve

The Hidden History of Mankind Newly Revealed

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
Higher-dimensional sources can offer insights that would be difficult to obtain otherwise, if at all. Let us remember that all holy scriptures of the world describe themselves as being revelations of such higher, divine sources. But, thank God, these sources were not only active in the remote past. They are still flowing today, even more than ever before, as they are continuing to lead us ‘to the complete truth …’ (John 16.13)

Whatever attitude we have towards paranormal sources, one thing cannot be denied, namely the highly unusual and revolutionary nature of their messages. Even if a terrestrial author were found to be the hidden ‘perpetrator’ of such texts, they would still remain unusual and revolutionary.

The text quoted on the next pages is an example hereof. It was received by Tom H. Smith (1942–93) in 1992 through telepathic writing. Tom lived in Kentucky and remained quite unknown as a channel because he wrote only for two years; his texts were never published in book form.

By ‘chance’ or providence, a world-travelling friend of mine brought some of Tom Smith’s texts to me in Switzerland (in summer 1993). Since 1981 I had been living in a Vedic monastery, and was immersed in a cultural and religious tradition that was quite different from the contents conveyed in these channelled texts, which I had to read in secrecy (as such material was not ‘authorized’ by the monastic surrounding I lived in).

The texts I received were mostly spoken by the ‘sun-god’ of our solar system. Reading these words was like an inner communication with divine beings, and I felt challenged and moved at the same time. Following a spontaneous impulse, I wrote an airmail letter to ‘Mr Smith’, asking him whether he had any more such channellings, and whether he planned to translate them into other languages, German ‘for example’. I just wanted to know more about this man who wrote down such extraordinary texts.

Three weeks later I received Tom’s answer, a letter of five pages:

Dear Armin,

Thank you very much for having such an interest in the sun-god and ‘his’ powerful words. Thank you also for taking your time to read the book [manuscript] and to write me. I am quite pleased and thrilled that someone as far away as Switzerland would not only receive these texts and find meaning in them, but also would write me about it.

Also included was a channelled text – a personal letter to me from the sun-god! Another such message followed in Tom’s next letter. The contents of these two ‘space-mailed’ sun letters was seemingly general but very personal at the same time, indicating that the sender knew me very well. From these two messages it became evident once more that Tom’s abilities were genuine.

We exchanged a few cordial letters, discussing many topics including a possible translation into German. Then, in October, I received a parcel from Kentucky containing a file with the print-outs of all the texts that Tom had received. There was only a short letter included, saying that he, Tom, had ‘been told’ to send these texts to Armin. While looking through the file, I saw a few hand-written notes by Tom. It was his personal collection, and probably the only complete collection of print-outs (more than 500 pages). On the front page he had written: ‘Complete Set of Translated Material – Feel Free to Browse / This set is not for sale.’

I wrote back in deep gratitude, with no answer this time.

Two months later, I was informed that Tom had died …

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 318