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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter Fourteen

The Future That Is Now

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
The essential teachings of all religions and mystery schools lead to a multidimensional world-view and to a spiritual ‘life-view’. From such a perspective, we have examined different ways of explaining the origin of duality and evil. We have looked into the reality beyond duality: individuality, free will and divine love (the oneness of twoness) as the perfection of free will. And we have analysed the different false concepts that arise when the principles of individuality and self-responsibility are misunderstood due to a standpoint in darkness. It became evident that it is impossible to define light in terms of darkness (because light is a reality totally different from any abstract concept of non-darkness). Furthermore, light is never a product of darkness. Similarly, life and consciousness, being spiritual (non-material), cannot simply be a product of ‘self-organizing’ matter, as postulated by the materialistic theories of evolution.

Now, in the last chapter, the many strands of this big picture will be taken up again and put together for a practical conclusion. The main goal is getting a sense for ‘the truth that will set you free’ (John 8.32), which implies that mankind is presently not free. Free of what? Free of absolutist claims and misunderstandings of the Absolute, free of alien dictation and alienation from one’s real self, free of separation from the Source, ultimately free of fear and godlessness.

Over the ages, humanity has fallen into the extremes of the too-much and the too-little, the two faces of the same dia-bolic spirit. Humanity demonstrated some resonance, and there were those who profited from it. Some of them were visible, others stayed behind the stage, and again others preferred to remain invisible to terrestrial eyes.

Nevertheless, the drama ‘on stage’ indicated that the symptoms were effected by deep-rooted, hidden causes. One strong indication was, and still is, the simultaneous presence of harmonious and destructive elements on earth. Most people consider this co-existence of good and evil to be normal and natural, being unable to imagine that matters could be different. ‘Wars and murder have always existed.’ That is a standard phrase of resignation (and false programming), a phrase which is not even true as it applies only to the dark age, the last five thousand years. However, in these five thousand years, violence and non-love have indeed been the overriding factors of history. But where did these inhuman impulses come from? What, or who, opposed the light and caused shadows to be cast? Who ‘created’ darkness?

Light is free of darkness, and within the bounds of darkness there is no light. They are mutually exclusive. Still, there is a borderline where darkness ends and light ‘begins’. The same principle applies to the worlds of light and the worlds of darkness. Although separate, they verge on each other, and planet earth happens to be situated in this cosmic border zone. (It was not always like that and will not always remain like that.) The circumstance of being a planet where light and darkness are present side by side makes the earth a very special place. It is a passage way from darkness to the Light and a place where Light beings can contact their fallen brothers and sisters.

The ancient seers and prophets foresaw a time of decision when the dark side would be exposed to the Light in an apocalyptic epiphany concerning and confronting everybody on earth. For two thousand years and more, humanity in all cultures has been informed about this upcoming ‘open air’ event …

In our present time, many interlinked time cycles are heading for a rare common meeting point, which will mark a global turning point in history. Through this synchronicity, interdimensional time windows will be opened, and mankind will be confronted with its mythological past. The things happening today have a long pre-history both on the individual and the collective level, going back to the incidents in human and natural history that marked the previous turning point. These incidents have left their traces in the subconsciousness of many people, and now they are surfacing again, as they need to be balanced and neutralized. All the wounds need to be healed, and all misdeeds forgiven. Forgiving oneself and each other clears the collective field for the transition into the next big cycle – the time of the ‘new heaven’ and the ‘new earth’. Understanding everything means forgiving everything.

It is not by chance that we are here at this time.

The approaching turning point entails many challenges, and present world history indicates that we have not yet reached the darkest point of illusion and destruction. Right before a point on a wheel starts to go up again, it ‘hits the bottom’.

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 371