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Armin Risi
Philosopher • Author • Lecturer
Radical Rethinking – New Ways and New World Views
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Chapter Seven

The End-Time Code 666

Risi, Armin – TranscEnding the Global Power Game – Hidden Agendas, Divine Intervention and the New Earth (2010)
The earth, seen in its multidimensional context, is linked with astral dimensions and parallel worlds. From there, many beings incarnate amongst humanity. Some originate from the lower astral levels, bringing their ego-based mentality with them, others originate from the worlds of light and harmony. Even in common language, one speaks of ‘incarnate devils’ and ‘incarnate angels’.

Kali-yuga is a time in which both sides are numerously represented. The dark-minded beings, profiting from the Kali-yuga’s reduced frequency and increased density, have taken over many earthly positions of power and are intent on swallowing everything. However, due to the law of balance, also many beings of love and harmony are incarnate, doing their divine service without any ego-motivated ambitions. Many of them may be lacking power and wealth, but a higher vision reveals their true strength of inner peace and contentment. They are the rays of light that expose the existence of darkness through their very presence and difference. The dark forces, therefore, are hostile towards these true illuminators who bring original sanity, uncorrupted truth and natural healing into the world, which they (the dark forces) consider their own.

As unscientific as this multidimensional scenario may appear to modern men, it corresponds to the original knowledge of mankind found in all cultural and mystic traditions. It is not even secret knowledge because it is contained in all holy scriptures of the world, be it the Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Vedas etc. They all agree to the fact that there are invisible worlds beyond the physical plane, as well as invisible beings (‘angels’ and ‘demons’) interacting with mankind through inspiration, manipulation or even incarnation.

In this chapter, we will focus on a prophetic description which is world-famous – thus easily available – and highly relevant to our times. It is the last book of the New Testament entitled Apocalypse, or The Revelation of St John. Despite being very short, only about twenty pages, it contains extraordinary details about a dramatic future occurrence: the coming of ultimate darkness followed by global decisions leading to a ‘new heaven’ and a ‘new earth’.

Along with the Gospels and the Epistles, the Revelation describes how the forces of the ‘great red dragon’, after a lost ‘battle in heaven’, will appear on earth to build up a world-wide totalitarian structure. These banished or fallen angels will display a show of global peace, promoted by ‘magic’ and ‘miracles’, while simultaneously persecuting the ‘people of God’ and establishing a dictatorship which most people will not recognize as such. The exact quotes will be given in this chapter.

By now, however, many people have become fed up with the talk about the Apocalypse because biblical dogmatists of all kinds have used it as a front for their sectarian and absolutist claims. They believe in a ‘last battle’ in which their ‘church’ will be the only one triumphant while all other confessions and creeds will be annihilated with the help of ‘God’ and the ‘returning Christ’. They disapprove of any dialogue amongst religions. They even consider such dialogues to be a tactic of the devil who wants to establish his own, anti-Christian one-world ‘religion’. (Such plans do exist, but one has to distinguish between the dead-end version of a so-called one-world religion and the true spiritual unity of God-conscious individuals.)

As shown in the previous chapter, sectarianism is a very efficient trick used by the dia-bolic forces in order to divide and rule. Distorted religion infects the core of people’s hearts and makes them divided by dogmatism and self-deluding elitism.

While this one extreme (the too-much) isolates people into heaven-and-hell factions, it additionally drives many others into atheism and agnosticism. Such people, being disgusted and/or disillusioned with ‘religion’, resort to the opposite extreme – the too-little – and become averse to any religious perspective and, even more so, to all apocalyptic warnings.

Fanaticism may generate a certain amount of strength to keep one’s faith against all odds and doubts, but it is not a level of mature God consciousness. If all religious people were united, recognizing the unity within the diversity and respecting the diversity within the unity, then the atmosphere of world-wide tension and enmity would vanish like darkness at sunrise.

Truly divine revelations (and interpretations) have two functions: to indicate the shadows and to show the light. In other words, they warn against the pitfalls of both extremes, and they provide a higher vision to help people make up their minds. Such times of decision usually coincide with the earth’s transition into a new cycle, and that is again the case in our time.

Prophetic voices of all cultures speak about the same vision – the ‘new Earth’ to come, the ‘New Jerusalem’ of the Bible, the new ‘age of truthfulness’ (Satya-yuga) of the Vedas, the ‘Fifth World’ of the Native Americans.

All cultures and religions have become influenced by the dark age and need a fundamental purification, an ‘apocalyptic’ transformation. There fore, this chapter is an attempt to grasp the essence of the Bible prophecy without Bible absolutism.

… continued in TranscEnding the Global Power Game, p. 235